SAMMY – Read me

Hi Sammy,

I’ve replaced the original site and migrated it into the WordPress framework. This will make it pretty easy to update (once you get used to it).

First some warnings …. The Home page and the contact page are unique and require a knowledge of HTML to be able to edit. If you click on it and you are not in HTML view, when you save it it will mess up the layout. For this reason, there is a backup of the code in this “posts” section :-)

As for the rest of the site, you should be able to edit and save etc without any issues, you’ll see every page in the “Pages” section.

Different text – You’ll see in the toolbar when you edit pages that there is a “format” option. Heading1 is the green text, Heading2 is the orange text. Note I use CAPS for headings to help them stand out without changing the font (too many fonts looks messy).

A word about images … You add images in the “Media” section, here you will see the images that I’ve already uploaded. When you want to add a new image to a page, edit the page and click the “upload/insert” button (see above). I’ve configured it to automatically add the click on effect (so it pops up like a photo) but not tested that, let me know if there are any issues.

Images … sizes! Photos taken on a digi-camera are huge!!! Do not upload these without resizing. You should be able to resize images to ensure they are 514×768 (portrait) or 1024×685 (landscape) MAX!